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Make the Most of Your International Assignments
Let us prepare future expats and their families for living and working abroad 

Assigning executives overseas, or moving overseas as an executive within a global business, is a complicated decision. The main reason for assigning a talent  to another location is to transfer the skillset for positive business outcomes which is highly related to the expat's adaptation to the host country. In other words, cross-cultural skills and knowledge are crucial to the success of international assignments.

Studies have shown that the faster an employee can adapt to the new country and culture, the more productive that employee is likely to be. Unfortunately, not every international assignment results in success. Two of the leading causes of relocation failure are inability to adapt to the host location and partner dissatisfaction.

Living and working in a foreign country poses many challenges, many of which may be lessened by undergoing a formalized intercultural training program before the employee and family have started the international assignment.

Intercultural training programs are designed to develop cultural awareness and speed the transition process, by providing employees and their families with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to effectively interact across cultures.

Cultural Adaptation


We offer a cultural training programme to prepare future expats and their families for living and working abroad. The programme lasts 6 hours which we customize to suit individual employees and any accompanying family members.

We offer training  just before you relocate employees and it can takes place either in the host country or in the expat's home country before departure.

It is highly customized, so it begins with a questionnaire followed by an interview to determine concerns/motivators/issues.

Program Topics:

  • Geography, history, politics and economy

  • Comprehensive overview of key values and attitudes.

  • Practical Information for everyday living (housing, medical, education, childcare, banking, shopping, food, restaurants, recreation, leisure, sports, transportation, socializing – building a network, behavioral norms, etiquette, etc.)

  • Understanding and identifying cultural differences in communication styles including verbal and non-verbal communication.

  • Parenting: Identifying concerns and developing family strategies.

  • Spouse/partner career assistance.

Real Time Support in The Host Country

Assignees and their families get an overview of the cost country with the help of cultural adaptation training. However, right after their relocation to the host country, there comes a lot of questions to be answered on the daily life ranging from where to call for plumbing to how to find a cleaner. In addition, there may be circumstances where it is too late when they are aware; like enrolling to school one year prior to the actual start.

We offer a 3 hour package of real time support either by accompanying the family or consulting remotely when needed. Some examples of the topics are as follows:


  • Career consulting session about the options for the spouse and the ways of applications

  • The schooling system in Dubai, how to choose a school, what to look for

  • What is sold where, options for budget shopping

  • House management

  • Maids arrangement

  • Medical System

  • Any topic requires support



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